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WeChat 4 Your Business

Since 2015 we have been creating WeChat presences for our customers. A WeChat presence is the one way to get your business in front of 1.2 billion Chinese super consumers who access the platform every day. In China having a WeChat presence is more important and much more effective than having a website (and yes we do websites too but lets get you on WeChat first). In a completely turnkey fashion we can have your business up on WeChat in a week. On WeChat fresh content and call to actions are key! We have services to help you create and regularly update your presence and grow your follower base.  


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Getting Paid: WeCommerce

WeChat is the most seamless payment method in the world. While you can pay for groceries, take out, taxis, coffee, utilities, clothes, shoes, books and every product you can think of, WeChat4U founders were among the first to build out payment platforms for service businesses. So no matter what your company sells we can help you get paid immediately and frictionlessly via your WeChat service account and WeChat store.

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Mini Programs

WeChat Mini Program are the always-available and forward-able software applets that have taken the WeChat world by storm. Having a WeChat Mini Program(s) is just like having an automated sales and customer acquisition robot(s) out there every day in the WeChat world getting the word out and generating sales and spreading the word about your company and offerings.

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